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  • Feature: convenient, eco-friendly,portable,green,leisure.
  • Occasions: Promotional Event,Travel,DIY Gifts or Craft Night.

Newway Eco-Friendly Bags Advantages

  • Direct Factory Price
    You can get competitive Eco Bags price directly from factory. Buy directly from Eco friendly bag manufacturer.
    One-stop Solutions
    Product solution, sample first, then payment, production, shipment and after sales, the whole PDCA system.
    Eco friendly Printing
    We only use water based inks on your Cotton Bags. This is the most environmentally friendly way of printing.
    Quality Guarantee
    All products purchased have a 6 months limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
    Accept OEM Bag Orders
    Custom material, size, color, logo and quantity, help to suggest solutions to meet your budget requirements, support your own brand establishment.
    Delivery in time
    The finished Canvas bags bulk will be delivered in time as per your request. All products are inspected before delivery.

Why do we choose Newway bag

  • Newway Bag has 255 employees to support your bulk orders.
  • Newway bag 100% inspect all Zipper bags before delivery.
  • Newway bag team will support on your business 7/24 online.
  • We assure 1-2 days to provide samples for new design.
  • Accept all customized design and materials.
  • Newway are looking for partners in Canvas Zipper Pouch Wholesale.

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What is Zipper bag, what is the material of Zipper bag
Buy Zipper bag from a reliable Chinese Supplier
How to source Zipper bag from a wholesale manufacturer

The Complete Guide: Zipper Bags

Zipper Bags

Zipper Bags

Truth be told, zipper bags play a big role whether it is at home and in commercial premises. We mainly used these bags for food storage. What you simply need to do is put the food inside the bag and zip it up. From there you can keep your food in a fridge.

Apart from food storage, large zipper bags can be used for other purposes. You can use the bag to carry your shopping. Small zipper bags can function as your cosmetic bag.

If you are planning to buy zipper bag or slider storage bag, read on. This guideline will educate you on everything that you need to know about zipper bags.

Let’s say you have been having trouble when it comes to food storage.

You think that your food is not being stored effectively the or you just find this task to be too hectic.

There are several factors that could lead to this problem.

One of them is the kind of packaging that you are using.

Maybe the bag that you are using for food storage is too cumbersome to operate.

Are you looking for a type of bag that will give you minimum trouble when it comes to operating it?

Why don’t you try zipper bags?

Some people call it slider storage bag or just zippie.

What is it and how do you go about buying a zipper bag?

Read on to learn more about a zipper bag.

What is a Zipper Bag?

This is a simple storage bag that is usually made of plastic and can be easily sealed or opened several times by a slider.

Most zipper bags are flexible and assume a rectangular shape.

The slider of a zipper bag functions in the same way as a zip fastener.

Most people use zipper bags to store foodstuffs then put them in a freezer.

Due to this function, you are likely to find zipper bags at homes, eateries, food stores and any other places where food storage is necessary.

What is zipper bag made of?
The main material for the zip slider bag is the thin plastic.

This plastic is usually made of a thin polyethylene which is a product of a recycling process.

Other compounds may be added to this plastic for the purpose of boosting its strength.

What is the Size of Zipper Bags?

From a general perspective, we can say that there is no definite size of zipper bags.

You can buy large zipper bags or small zipper bags.

A typical small zip lock bag has the dimensions of 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches (3.8cm by 6.4cm).

This is the ideal size of a zipper bag for food.

On the other hand, a large zipper storage bag can have a dimension of 23 cm by 30 cm (9 by 12 inches).

Still, in terms of the size, you should also consider the thickness of a zipper bag.

The thickness of most cloth zipper bags ranges between 40 to 45 µm.

So, which is the best size of a plastic zipper bag?

Actually, the size that you choose depends on your storage needs.

Do you prefer to store large quantities of food in one zipper bag?

Or do you prefer to have several slider zipper bags to store the same food?

Are Zipper Bags Reusable?

So, what happens when am done with using a particular bag?

Do I throw it away?

No, you can reuse it.

All you need is to wash the bag properly then wait for the next time when you will need it again.

The only precaution is you need to be more careful when washing a zipper bag.

The good news is washing zip-top storage bag is not a complex process.

You only need to turn it inside out then stick the bag inside a dishwasher.

Soap and water are enough to leave your zipper bag sparkling clean.

What if I don’t have a dishwasher?

No dishwasher, no problem.

Zipper bags can be hand washed.

Simply use warm water and soap to do the job.

However, ensure that the water is not too hot.

You also need to be gentle with the bag so as not to cause any perforations.
Also, hot water may have some negative health impact on the plastic slider bag.

By being reusable, zipper bags save on the wastage of resources.

They also reduce the amount of kitchen waste.

When Not to Reuse Zipper Bags

Although we have said zipper bags are reusable, this is not always the case.

There are instances when you cannot reuse a zipper bag.

One such instance is if you used the bag to store raw meat.

Probably you were marinating the meat.

Such a bag will be highly contaminated.

Washing and reusing it will not be enough to get rid of the toxins in it.

For such, it is advisable that you throw the bag.

Another scenario is if you used the bag to store greasy foods.

Given that it is hard to get rid of grease even after a thorough washing, discarding the bag will be inevitable.

The thickness of a zipper bag can also determine whether you should reuse it or not.

Some bags are made of very thin plastic.

The structures if such bags tend to get damaged after a single use.

Do not consider reusing such a bag.

Ziplock Bags Prices

What is the price of a zipper bag?

The price of the slider zipper bags depends on several factors.

One of them is the size and thickness of the bag.

As expected, the price of a small and thin zipper bag is different from that of a large and thick zipper bag.

The plastic of plastic zipper bags also varies depending on the zipper bags manufacturer.

Some Ziploc bag suppliers sell their products at high prices while other suppliers sell at a relatively lower price.

Where Can I Find the Best Zipper Bags?

The surest place where you can find the best zipper bags is from a reputable manufacturer in China.

Although there are many different zipper bags suppliers in China, you should put efforts to choose the best one.

Do some research and try to dig in as much information from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, we hope that this is the right information that you need about zipper bags.

If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact reliable zipper bags manufacturers in China.

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