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Tote Bags for Brand Promotion


Advertisements play a vital role in brand promotion. Several brands invest heavily in adverts. However, this does not always yield the desired results. This created a need for a more creative way of brand promotion, then boom, one genius decided to incorporate promotional products as a way of boosting sales. Promotional tote bags are one of such products.


Since the world is going green, reusable tote bags for brand promotion come in handy.

Many brands have taken advantage of the situation.

They print their logos and brand messages on reusable tote bags. Below are some ideas of tote bags and how they can be used for brand promotion.

Chapter 1: What are the Best Tote Bags Designs?

Best Tote Bags Design

Best Tote Bags Design

For brand promotion, companies look for low budget and useful tote bags to gift their customers, the following are some ideas of cheap cute tote bags the can implement

i. Zipper Tote Bag
These tote bags come in different sizes and materials. The underlying advantage is the zipper.
A customer will be glad to get a tote bag that will help in concealing what they are carrying.
When used as a promotional item, it might attract more clients who love a little privacy

ii. Non-woven shopper’s tote bag
This should be the first idea for any brand. Upcoming companies, or brands that have never used promotional products, these serve as a testing ground as they are affordable.

iii. Laminated Tote Bags
There are various materials that can be used for customized tote bags, my greatest recommendation is the laminated non-woven grocery tote.

They come in various sizes.

However, large tote gives a brand an ample space to display their logo and brand message.
The bags are durable and easy to clean.

iv. Clear Casual Tote Bags
Clear casual bags are classy and attractive. Brand them with the company logo and brands official color. These bags make the logo stand out.

v. Plain Canvas Tote Bags
Plain canvas tote bag high quality and durable.

It is easy to imprint a logo on canvas material.

They carry the logo for as long as they exist.

This idea can be implemented by a brand that has enough budget as they are relatively expensive.

vi. Leather Tote Bags
Although this is one of the expensive materials for promotional items, a brand can have a few branded leather tote bags for their employees and a few return clients.

It goes a long way in brand promotion.

vii. Mesh Tote Bags
This is another amazing material that can be used to design promotional tote bags. They come in different colors and sizes.

The front pocket gives a large area to display a brand’s logo.

Chapter 2: Effective ways of using tote bags to promote your business

Best Cotton Tote Bag Suppliers

With a few examples of cheap cute tote bags, a brand may use any of them in a number of ways.

Understand your target clients then strategize on how you will distribute the bags.

Below are ways to use tote bags for advertisement;
i. Non-woven tote bags for Retail Business
This is the most ideal way to use promotional tote bags.
It may not be a good idea to give them to everyone.
Therefore, set a price target that a customer has to reach to be eligible for a tote bag giveaway.
This idea comes in handy in communities where one use plastic bags have been banned.
Non-woven shopper tote bags are highly recommended as they are cheap and durable.

ii. Personalized tote bags for employees
When low on budget, a brand may use a few samples of high-quality canvas or leather printed tote bags as employee’s giveaways.
This will help in spreading the message of the brand to the employee residence.
And since they work for the brand, they are the best people anyone can approach for any clarification on the products and services offered by the company.

iii. Holiday Giveaways
Take advantage of holidays and give the tote bags as a gift to any client who purchases within that period.
This will not only increase sales but also create awareness about other products that were unknown to the client.

iv. Trade Shows
Many companies nowadays conduct trade shows in booths on particular days or events.
Giving away branded tote bags will drive traffic to your booth, if a client does not make a purchase then, they will carry home a constant reminder about the brand.
This will turn out to be a future customer.

v. Social media contest
Social media is a force to reckon with.
With many brands having social media handles and pages, they have gathered a lot of followers.
Once in a while, run some contests where the winner is gifted with a free tote bag and other gifts.
This will entice the followers to create a massive awareness of the brand as they try to get the free stuff.

Chapter3: Which is the best size of tote bags

Custom Canvas Tote Bag
Anyone might have an idea of giving away small tote bags in order to save on cost, but for brand promotion, it is best to go for medium and large tote bags so that the brand logo can be displayed clearly.

5 Best Tote Bags

i. Jute Tote Bags
These are made from long vegetable fiber. They are durable, eco-friendly and easy to clean. Perfect for carrying groceries

ii. Canvas Tote bags
Are made for canvas material. They are of high quality and durable.
They have a variety of uses, from shopping to travel. It can also be used to carry work documents.
iii. Cotton Tote Bags
Are made from pure cotton. They are lighter than canvas totes. It can be used for travel and shopping.

iv. Leather Tote Bags
The best in terms of quality. Perfect for travel and office purposes.

v. Beach Tote Bags
They are mainly made of water resistant material. They are large enough to carry everything you require when going to the beach.

vi. Can Totes be Used as travel Bags
Tote bags are highly versatile. They come in different materials and sizes. Choose a high-quality tote for prolonged usage.

Depending on the duration and nature of your travel, a tote bag can serve a big deal. Choose an ideal tote bag to complement your outfit and you are good to go.


Now you know that tote bags are not just you carry away bag.

You can use them to promote your brand ad business in general.

All you need is to buy unique designs from tote bags manufacturers and suppliers.

Choose tote bags that your customers will definitely fall in love with.

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