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Cotton is environmentally friendly and degradable, and after degradation will not cause harm and pollution to soil, animals, etc

The use of materials is also globally recognized environmental materials, because of their environmental characteristics, and by more and more people.

People are using cotton bags more and more in their daily life.

Cotton shopping bags are widely used as a good alternative to plastic shopping bags and are used for packaging and promotion of a wide variety of products. It is tough, hard to wear, and feels good.

Cotton shopping is very beautiful, we can print the beautiful patterns, product advertising, and company LOGO on the cotton bags.

And we can choose the fabric color and style we like.

Make cotton bags in the style we like.

I can also do the DIY cotton bags with the children. We can design, cut, sew and draw on the bags to show the children’s unique creativity. Then take our DIY cotton bags and go shopping together!

Many people take cotton bags on their weekly shopping trips. Cotton bags not only make life easier and more environmentally friendly but also gradually become more and more women’s accessories. They choose cotton bags to match their outfits to make themselves more fashionable.

Cotton is popular around the world for its soft, environmentally friendly, and breathable properties.

Cotton bags

Cotton bags are reusable bags, so people often use cotton bags, so how do you clean cotton bags?

Let’s talk about how to clean cotton bags.

Start by removing all dirt and crumbs from inside and outside the bag

Use an Eco-friendly detergent and add a small amount to a bowl of cold water.

Soak the bag in water for at least 5-7 minutes.

Gently remove the stain by rubbing it in circular motions with a soft sponge or fabric


Rinse the bag with clean, cold water until all the detergent has been removed and your bag looks nice and clean.

Hang up the bag and let it dry naturally. Don’t wring your bag or you will damage the fibers that hold it in shape.

This is the easy part because if you’re washing at a low temperature, you can throw your cotton bag in with the rest of the laundry and it’ll be nice and clean. If you wash your cotton bags in warm water, you risk shrinkage and warping, so always use cold water.

Having said that, you can choose to hand wash cotton bags if you don’t want to do a whole cold wash just for your cotton bags (unless you have a lot of them) this is a step-by-step guide to washing cotton/canvas/gunny bags.

Handling cotton bags is really easy and you can clean canvas bags, jute bags, and drawstring bags in the same way.

Isn’t it easy to clean cotton bags?

Cotton bags make our life more environmentally friendly, no longer use non-degradable plastic bags, and no longer pollute our living environment.

Let’s protect the environment and love our home.

If you want to make custom printed eco-friendly cotton bags, we can help you here, please contact me.