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Calico is a plain-woven textile cotton fabric. Because it is made from a natural material it is widely considered to be a very Eco-Friendly product. It is typically made from half-processed and unbleached cotton fibers.


The world of bags has a lot to offer. From leather bags to plastic bags, calico bags, jute bags, cotton bags, and non-woven bags, there are a lot many designs, fabrics, and types. Likewise, their usage is also varied and implication in different types of requirements also varies. They are not only used personally in every household but also find commercial usage across businesses and industries. Among all these businesses of bags and their high utility, the calico bags have secured a very specific place. They are widely preferred by all, especially after the ban on plastic bags.

The fact that such bags present zero threat to the natural environment represents the primary benefit of Calico bags. This fact encourages regional and national governments to widely promote the use of such bags among modern consumers. In addition, calico bags offer a new platform to express personal style in public spaces; intricate designs and eye-catching colors printed on calico bags enable the modern consumer to project a style statement without harming the natural environment. Further, since Calico bags are fashioned from cotton, commercial operators can bring to market an unending stream of these products, thus expanding the concept of consumer choice. 

Calico bags are washable products, and hence can be reused by consumers. The bio-degradable attributes of the core material imply fewer threats to the natural environment when such bags are cast aside at the end of their useful lives. Consumers also benefit from the long endurance of such bags since they can re-use these products for a long time. In addition, the ability of these products to carry artistic works encourages a range of artists to design their works for printing the wide sides of calico bags and similar products. 

eco friendly Calico bags

These are the perfect promotional items as they not only meet the purpose of providing carriage to the customers but also do subtle brand promotion. Instead of selling products in plastic bags which are thrown out to pollute the environment, these bags are re-used by the customers. so, now in place of providing free and expensive plastic bags, businesses can give a durable calico bag to their customers once as a means of brand promotion.

This will also build the practice of carrying a reusable bag whenever someone goes out to shop. And everyone uses a branded calico bag, rest assured to get visibility by many people who come across the bag. 

When many other businesses are avoiding plastic and moving towards calico bags for their product packaging, there’s no reason not to follow suit. It’s not about copying a trend, but rather, it’s about switching to an eco-friendly business approach. Branded calico bags are a great alternative to plastic, as they’re more durable and reusable. The benefits enumerated above should be more than sufficient to convince you to switch to calico bags and ditch the plastic once and for all.

Our Calico bags are made with 100% cotton. They are washable, durable and reusable, and great for the environment.  We have a large range of Calico Bags, including drawstring calico bags, shoulder, and two handles calico bags.

If you are looking at buying bags that are environmentally friendly and can be reused again and again, then our Calico Bags will be perfect. 

Our calico bags are very durable, they are not thin and this makes them great for schools to use for painting, and also for printing.  If you are interested in having your bags printed, take a look at our screen-printed calico bag options.  If you want more detailed designs with multiple colors, just send us an email for a quote.

The calico bags are also cross-stitched on the inside seams, which gives them extra strength, making our calico bags even better!  Making our calico tote bags the best value and quality!