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Dress Up Plain Canvas Bags

Canvas bags the groceries, carrying extra books for school, serving as an extra diaper canvas bag or just keeping at the clutter of a canvas bag in the car, everyone needs a collection of versatile and functional canvas bags So why not learn how to dress up some snazzy ones yourself?

It is also a lovely gift and not expensive. Let’s do DIY on a blank canvas bag together.

blank canvas bag

Usually hand painted on the canvas bag, we can draw on the bag, draw the pattern we like. 

Learn how to add vinyl to an ordinary tote bag.

First, we can write the words we like on the surface of the canvas bag.

This is probably my favorite tcanvas bag because it’s big enough! I have a canvas bag that carries books and various items for the kids back and forth every week.

It’s really practical because it’s convenient and cute

DIY canvas bag

 Kids prefer to doodle on their canvas bag. Draw pictures the children like, such as coconut trees, rainbows, glasses, hats and so on. 

Paint them the colors they like, all kinds of colors. Children love their paintings and use these bags. 

They will be happy to share with their friends how happy they are to doodle on their canvas bag.

We love the simple design on this Lovely Indeed canvas bag, and it’ll look great in any color. 

This would be a perfect party. 

My kids love canvas bags, purses, pillows and other things they can be creative with. 

We have a heart on this bag, but here we have a lovely drawing heart to play with. 

We can draw a heart-shaped outline on the blank canvas bag and use our polypropylene paint to make the color we like.

If we can adjust the gradient effect, it will be very beautiful and beautiful. 

Then we use a small wad of paper to paste the paint. 

Do DIY on our canvas bags with the kids’ colors and get a nice heart-shaped bag that you love. 

Is not very enchanted!Any mom or grandma would love to receive one of these. While it’s a great Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s Day gift, there’s never an occasion when a mom doesn’t enjoy receiving her little one’s handprints.

Stripes + Color,This is a simple way to place the stripes on a blank canvas bag and fill in the colors. 

We can choose the colors we like from all kinds of colors and then smear them on the canvas bag. Do you like this method。

Look at this big canvas bag, it has a compartment on the surface. 

See this cute little cat, do you move! It was sewn with a needle and thread. 

That’s a really creative approach. 

We can sew different patterns on the canvas bags and design the scheme we like.

Which of these tote bag design ideas do you plan to make?

The “CAT” bag is at the top of my list!

Join the kids in DIY on a blank canvas bag! 

What a pleasant thing it is. 

I am looking forward to receiving the hand-drawn bags from the children!