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Is there anything more blissful than sunshine, a cuppa, and a good book?

Only a Canvas Tote Bag with that very saying on it!

Design Your Own Tote Bag 

Fill this gorgeous re-usable design with all your bits and pieces, groceries, books – anything – as you go about your days and enjoy the feeling of reducing your footprint by saying no to single-use plastic bags.

Why not fill it with gorgeous treats from our Little Moments collection and gift it to a friend?

Of course, Canvas bags are the best option!


Canvas is a versatile material

It’s easy to repurpose these types of bags into casual totes.

You can use them to carry personal items while you’re on a lunch date with friends, have errands to run, or need to go into the office.

Canvas bags have simple lines, and they come in different colors.

You can buy them in bulk and pick colors that match your closet; if you do this, you’ll never run out of totes for your trips.

Canvas Tote Bag 

These types of bags are spacious 

Canvas bags are resilient and roomy; they can hold your laptop, books, DSLR camera, papers, and other work or personal items.

If you’re a freelancer or a student, you’ll appreciate being able to easily carry around your things.

If you’re concerned about safety, there are bags with zippers on top that prevent people from reaching in and swiping your valuables. 

Since these bags come in various designs, you don’t have to worry about your canvas tote sticking out like a sore thumb; get one in a color that matches your outfit.


How to Design Your Own Tote Bag 

You can never have too many tote bags.

Tote bags are endlessly useful, they’re better for the environment than the outdated plastic bag and, best of all, you can re-use them again and again!

Yet we often see the same old tote bags from the same old brands.

 So, what if you could design your own tote bag with custom colors, fonts, and images?

Most of us use tote bags every day; to carry groceries, as a beach-ready bag, or even as a gym bag!

A high-quality tote bag is sturdy and can last for years.

Yet, at the same time, you don’t need to worry about your tote bags getting dirty because you can easily chuck them in the washing machine and re-use them. Too easy!

So, without further ado, here’s how to design your own tote bag or gift your friends and family with a cute personalized tote bag of their own.

Custom Canvas Bags, Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

Reusable shopping bags are all the rage today and are quickly replacing plastic shopping bags in many homes and stores. 

Among the types popularly available, canvas tote bags are more common and widely preferred over other types.  

More advertisers are turning to custom canvas tote bags to tout their brands than any other kind. 

Almost everyone owns at least one. 

Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote

Upgrade your giftee’s market outings with this canvas tote bag Produced in Shandong from China-made cotton, this bag can be customized, such as extra-large at 20” x 15,” so you can be sure they’ll have plenty of space for fresh produce and extra goodies. 

Coolest feature: Extra-large capacity and durable structure mean it can hold a lot of items.

Who would love it: The market-goers who prefers canvas over plastic.

Using this helps protect the environment 

Large utility cargo totes are the best partner for supermarket runs.

They are reusable, washable, and easy to store and carry.

You can bring a canvas tote anywhere, from the farmer’s market to the mall grocery.

Remember to wrap your fresh meat and vegetables first to prevent moisture from seeping into the material.

Some of our bags include a food-grade laminated interior that easily wipes clean.