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The most functional and beloved personalized cotton accessory is a custom cotton tote bag!

Plain or personalized tote bags are a perfect accessory for people of all ages, whether you are going to the grocery store or giving gift bags away at an event.

Anyone can use a handy tote bag, and the simple white or beige cotton is an ideal blank canvas for witty quotes, special dates or names in a decorative font.

Reusable cotton tote bags are an eco-friendly trend that is here to stay!

We are happy to offer a wide arrange of cotton totes that fit any price range and occasion. 

There are various sizes and color options so you can be prepared and trendy wherever you go!

When it comes to finding blank canvas tote bags perfect for custom printing and crafting, no other online retailer offers the exact blend of style, quality and choice provided by Cotton Creations!

For bulk discounts of 50-60% off, add 12 or more tote bags to your order.

When you choose our canvas tote bags, you can get exactly the custom look you want at the reasonable prices you expect.

Wholesale Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Having our own family factory gives us the ability to responsibly source raw materials and employ who we feel need to be empowered.

Our 12oz cotton canvas fabric is the most versatile utility fabric you’ll find.

 This undyed canvas is a medium-weight fabric that is highly sought after for home decor, sporting goods, luggage, painting, handbags, crafts, etc.


Calico shopping bags Black Calico Tote Bag Calico Tote Bags   


140gsm Natural or Black colored calico, approx. 300mm wide x 380mm high with two 30mm x 500mm handles sewn to the top of the bag. 

You have come to the home of Calico bags.

If your requirement is for a specialized size, color, or style and you can order 1000 bags or more you may not need the calico

bags which we have in stock for immediate delivery.

If this is the case please go to the custom made to order link at the top of this page.

Here you can request a quote from a standard range or request a quote based on your own design.

Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Organic Large Canvas Tote

We are a manufacturer of  Reusable Cotton Bags, Calico Bags, Canvas Bags, and Jute Bags.

These bags can be used as promotional bags, trade show bags, conference bags, delegate bags, company branding bags, school craft bags, school library bags, small backpacks, grocery bags, shopping bags, carry bags, tote bags, wine bags, and more.

Bags are available with short or long handles, shoulder straps, and single or double cord drawstrings.

We also make custom bags as per your specification.

Logo printing is available.

We offer the best prices on bags.

Buy small orders, wholesale or bulk.


Fiber source: natural, calico is a natural fiber, made from unbleached and not fully processed cotton

Biodegradable: yes, calico is biodegradable, if cotton is organic it can take as little as 1 to 5 months for organic cotton to completely biodegrade

Custom Canvas Tote Bags