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For now ,Cotton calico bags are popular and you can customize many types according to your request from factory in China .

Are you looking for  them?

To save the earth and all its living beings from the pollution, people of the world are moving to Cotton calico bags from the plastics.



Many countries like Austria, Bangladesh, Italy, South Africa, and other countries have banned plastic bags. And China is also not far behind! There’s a huge upsurge of businesses and individuals rejecting plastic bags and availing cotton bags for daily use. Also, the government is also recommending to use Cotton calico bags and other recyclable bags. It’s time to switch to cotton bags and save the mother earth.

Well, nowadays, cotton bags create a style statement about green living. Moreover, Manufacturers are making modern designs with different colors and variations. As a result, people are attracted to buy trendy bags. Let’s see Why cotton bags are so popular today.

Convenient reusable bags to use when selecting and carrying your fresh fruit and veggies or simply shopping. These Bags are non-toxic, and non-chemical made from natural cotton fabric, which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer time in the bag.

They are environmentally friendly.

People want to hold more

Well, students have to carry lots of books, laptops, tablets and lunch boxes. Mom needs a big size bag for baby clothes, diapers, and other essentials. Office staff use bags for their office necessities. It is only a cotton bag that can hold many objects without getting harmed in between (which happens to the plastic bags).

Big things are eye-catchy.

If you carry a large stylish and fashionable bag, you will be noticeable. Your bag shows your attachment is larger than the others. These bags can be large, medium, or small size. The bag can hold loads of stuff. You can take a shopping tote bag anywhere you go.


Modern fashion trend

The cotton bag comes back again in modern days and becomes a fashion accessory. They match well with all kinds of dresses. Cotton bags are universal today. Many companies with a lot of designers are coming to create stylish and attractive bags and exhibit them in fashion shows. With, different shapes, colors, and sizes, these designer bags can complete your fashion sense and match up with your trendy dresses.

Best promotional product

Cotton tote bags are essential for sales, promotion and advertising. It helps companies relate their brand value to the customers. Companies use bags to promote business logo, special services, products, etc. Corporate sectors, manufacturers realized that cotton tote bag can best assist in branding their products. Cotton bag lasts longer than plastic bags; so the brand memory lasts longer too. Cotton is a perfect medium for personalization. You can make your promotional cotton tote bags into beautiful works of art which will be kept at home and used time and again.

Long-lasting and easy to maintain

Cotton bag is extremely light-weight bag and is made of cotton which is durable fabrics. It lasts longer as compared to plastic. You can use these bags year after year. While the plastic bags are hard to clean and make usable again, cotton is biodegradable and recyclable! Cotton bags are very easy to maintain and you can wash the bag to use it again.

Sustainable brands and environmental organizations: For brands and organizations emphasizing environmental sustainability, using cotton bags for product packaging aligns with their core values. This packaging approach demonstrates a commitment to recycling and reducing plastic waste.can offer customized cotton bags as gift packaging or giveaways to enhance personalization and a sense of luxury.