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1. Promotion Bag Ltd. Denmark

Address: Ragnagade 7, 2100 København, Denmark

Tel: +4570258535

Plus code: PH56+G4 Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


  • Bags with lamination
  • Non Woven Bags
  • Tote bags
  • Paper bags
  • Plastic bags
  • Shipping bags

2. RAJA Denmark

Address: Vandtårnsvej 83a, 2860 Søborg, Denmark

Tel: +4544587700

Plus code: PFPH+3W Søborg, Denmark


    • Paper carrier bags
    • Plastic carrier bags
    • Gift bags
    • Bottle and mug packaging
    • Gift ribbons and accessories
    • Gift wrap
    • Tissue paper and shredded tissue paper


3. Decadent Denmark

Address: Store Regnegade 3, 1110 København, Denmark

Tel: +4570707637

Plus code: MHJJ+JJ Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark



4. KAZA Copenhagen City Denmark

Address: Købmagergade 62, 1150 København, Denmark

Tel: +4533170283

Plus code: MHJF+VV Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark




5. Copenhagen Luggage Denmark

Address: Vesterbrogade 6D, 1620 København, Denmark

Tel: +4528581620

Plus code: MHF7+Q4 Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark



6. Rains Denmark

Address: Gl. Kongevej 70, 1850 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tel: +4560229879



7. Dahlman Denmark

Address: Fortunstræde 5, 1065 København, Denmark

Tel: +4533123286

Plus code: MHHJ+6F Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark

Business Messenger Bags
Gift Bags Manufacturers
Hand Bags
Men Bags



8. Nomad CPH Denmark

Address:kun til post, Vermlandsgade 51, 2300 København, Denmark

Tel: +4523810518

Plus code: MJ95+G3 Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark




We design and sell personal and aesthetic travel products.

Through an inspiring Nordic universe, we want to inspire people to travel and see the world with the Nomad CPH travel products.


9. Søstrene Grene Denmark

Address: Amagertorv 24, 1160 København, Denmark

Plus code: MHHG+FF Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


10. Gucci Denmark

Address: Østergade 46, 1100 København, Denmark

Tel: +4533366883

Plus code: MHHJ+QG Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


Sport Backpack

Tote Bag