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2120 might have been rough to many. Since it is almost coming to an end, it is time to start planning for 2021. If your business deals with bags, maybe you buy canvas bags in bulk and sell them in your country, then you should start planning how you will do in 2021.

The economic challenges that you might have gone through in 2020 might have pushed you to start a business or improve your current venture. One of the viable business ideas that you can start in 2021 is importing canvas bags in China

Read on as we guide you on how to buy the best canvas bags in 2021.


What is a Canvas Tote Bag?

For someone who has never bought a canvas tote bag, you may wonder what it is and how it looks. Or, maybe you have used it but you just don’t know how to call it.

A canvas tote is a type bag that has a large opening a the top and two long handles on its sides. The design of the bag allows users to carry their items around with ease.

Here is an image that will give you a perfect illustration of a canvas tote bag:

While tore bags can be made from different materials, this one is manufactured using pure canvas. This material comes with myriad advantages that you cannot afford to overlook.

While most tote bags have an open design, you can choose to buy a canvas tote with a zipper. Such a bag will secure your items from all the external elements.

You can also buy canvas bags that are decorated to give them a sense of fashion or bear some branding goals.

In other words, you can buy customized canvas tote bags in China.

Otherwise, most canvas tote bags are tailored to give users ultimate convenience when it comes to carrying items-whether it is shopping or even traveling. 

What are the Uses of Canvas Tote Bags?

If you are planning to buy canvas bags in 2021, you must first think about its areas of application.

The good thing about tote bags is they are quite versatile hence have many different uses. Some of the most common areas of applications including but not limited to;

-Shopping bags: You can fully depend on the canvas shopping bags for normal household shopping. The large size of the bag means that all your items will fit into the bag without any problem.

Still, about shopping, canvas grocery bags are ideal when it comes to doing your grocery shopping.

If you are a store owner you can buy canvas tote bags in bulk and use them for packing your customers’ shopping as an aftersales service.

-Trade shows and exhibitions: If your business or organization is participating in a trade show or exhibition, you can use canvas bags a giveaway item. Printed canvas bags go a long way in marketing your organization especially if the print comprises of a logo and business name.

-Outdoors and outings:  Canvas tote bags can come handy when used for simple outdoor adventures such as picnics. Take a walk along the beach and you will be able to see many beach tote bag.

-School and work: Canvas bags with zippers can be used as work and school bags. Apart from being secure, these bags are strong enough to carry items such as laptops and other stationery.

From the above list, I hope you now understand why we are saying that importing canvas bags in 2021 is a viable business idea that you should consider implementing.

The specifications of the canvas bag will depend on the application. For example, a tote bag for school should be made of heavy-duty canvas and should have a waterproof lining.

Size and Weight of Canvas Bags

As we have seen, canvas bags are used by different people and for different reasons. This automatically means that their sizes vary depending on who is using and the area of application.

Canvas bags come in three distinct sizes: large medium and small.

It is considered a large canvas bag if its minimum dimensions are 22” W ×15” H ×8” D.

It is considered a medium canvas bag if its minimum dimensions are 16” W ×15” H ×5” D.

It is considered a small canvas bag if its minimum dimensions are 12” W ×13” H ×4” D.

These are just generalized dimensions. You can contact the canvas bag manufacturer and request for customized dimensions of canvas bags.

Apart from the size of the canvas bags, the handles of the canvas bags can also vary. This means that some canvas bags can have long handles while others have short handles.

Hand-held canvas tote bags have shorter handles than those which can be carried on shoulders.

You should also consider the canvas bags’ weight before you buy. The weight of canvas bags ranges between 4 ounces to 24 ounces.

Heavy canvas bags are ideal for carrying pretty heavy items while light bags are suitable for lighter duties

Size and weight are important factors that you should consider when buying canvas bags for sale. But, how do I choose the correct size of the bag?

The most important factor is to know your users. Who is the bag intended for? You should also keep in mind the original purpose of the bag. 

For example, canvas tote bags for children will be smaller and lighter than canvas tote for adults.

Once you figure out who your canvas target is, then you should proceed to buy the right canvas tote bags bulk in China.

Where to Buy Canvas Bags in Bulk?

Once you have equipped yourself with all the information that you need regarding canvas tote bags, you can go ahead to purchase them.

But, where can buy the best canvas tote bags in 2021?

The surest place is from a reputable canvas bags manufacturer n China. This is the only proven way of ensuring that you get canvas bags that are worth the price.

Take a step of contacting manufacturers in China to find out their canvas bags prices in 2021. From there, you can make arrangements on how to buy canvas bags in bulk.