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  • 15 + years Canvas Bags Manufacturing Experience
  • Different materials:cotton,canvas,jute,linen,polyester,denim.
  • Size & printing can be customized for your any Canvas Bags.
  • Canvas Bags used in promotion bag,shopping bag, travel bag etc.
  • Feature: convenient, eco-friendly, portable, green.
  • Our 16 inspectors will do inspection on all our Canvas bags.

Newway Eco-Friendly Bags Advantages

  • Direct Factory Price
    You can get competitive Eco Bags price directly from factory. Buy directly from Eco friendly bag manufacturer.
    One-stop Solutions
    Product solution, sample first, then payment, production, shipment and after sales, the whole PDCA system.
    Eco friendly Printing
    We only use water based inks on your Cotton Bags. This is the most environmentally friendly way of printing.
    Quality Guarantee
    All products purchased have a 6 months limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
    Accept OEM Bag Orders
    Custom material, size, color, logo and quantity, help to suggest solutions to meet your budget requirements, support your own brand establishment.
    Delivery in time
    The finished Canvas bags bulk will be delivered in time as per your request. All products are inspected before delivery.

Why do we choose Newway canvas bags

  • Canvas bags factory with high quality with cheaper price.
  • We will process the artwork with your personalized.
  • ISO,CE standards for all Newway canvas bags.
  • The very fast lead time and sample making.
  • Strictly Inspected Before Delivery.
  • Newway are looking for partners in global market.

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The Complete Buying Guide: Best Canvas Bags

best canvas bag
Canvas bags are popular among people of all ages and social class.

Both the old and the young are using these bags for various purposes.

There are canvas shopping bags, canvas tote bags, canvas school bags, canvas backpack among others.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of canvas bags is its massive environment-friendliness.

Of course, there are many other benefits that you can get from using canvas bags, whether you are an
individual or a business.

What are Canvas Bags?

These are bags that are made of canvas fabric

Canvas fabric is made of cotton, linen or a combination of both cotton and linen.

These two main types of canvas fabrics are used for making bags.

These are plain canvas and duck canvas.

One thing about canvas bags is they are properly woven to give them strength.

Properties of Canvas

Why is canvas used for making bags?

It has suitable properties that make it an ideal material for making bags.

Here are some of the main properties of canvas:

-Strength: Canvas is strong and has a high degree of tenacity

-Flexibility: Canvas fabric can recover fast after being stretched

-Heat Conductivity: The fabric takes a long time to absorb heat.

-Reaction to chemicals: Canvas does not bleach

-Reaction to the environment: The fabric is rarely affected by high temperatures or very low temperatures.

With these properties, you can predict the behavior of canvas bags.

Will they serve you well after buying or will you be disappointed by them?

What if am uncomfortable with some properties of the canvas material?

You don’t have to worry.

There are modifications and treatments that can be done on the bags to improve certain features.

For instance, the bag can be given some special finishing to make them water-proof.

Types of Canvas Bags

Are all canvas bags the same?

No, there are different types of canvas bags.

Ensure that you know the type of bag that you are planning to buy before contacting the canvas bags manufacturer in China.

Here are the types of canvas bags that you are likely to buy:

-Canvas shopping bag

-Canvas tote bag

-Canvas grocery bags

-Canvas messenger bag

-Canvas beach bag

-Canvas school bag

-Canvas drawstring bag

-Canvas diaper bag

Among these, which type of canvas bag do you think will suit your needs?

Obviously, each type of canvas is designed for a specific purpose.

Are you a shopaholic?

You should consider buying canvas bags for schools.

If you have school-going kids, consider buying canvas bags for school.

What is the Price of Canvas Bags?

As a buyer, it is prudent to know the canvas bags price.

This will help you to plan how much you will spend on the bags.

The price of canvas bags depends on the type of bag that you are buying.

Some types of canvas bags are expensive than others.

The price is also determined by the design and style of the canvas bag.

Are you buying a plain canvas bag or do you prefer fancy canvas bags?

Cute canvas bags can be slightly expensive than plain tote canvas bags.

If you are looking for cheap canvas bags, you can go for the ones that don’t have any extra decorations.

Also, different canvas bags manufacturers charge different prices on their bags.

So, it is vital that you get more pricing details from a manufacturer.

What is the Best Size of Canvas Bags?

Canvas bags come in different shapes and size.

Actually, there is no best size of canvas bags.

The size that may be perfect on you may be the worst to another person.

Advantages of Canvas Bags

Before buying canvas bags, you would like to know their advantages.

What are some of the benefits that you will enjoy from using these bags?

Here are some of the main advantages of canvas bags
canvas bag manufacturer

1.Strong and Light

We have already discussed the structure and material of canvas bags.

From that, we can easily tell that these bags are built to last

They are strong and can be used for any kind of packaging.

Even if you are planning to do a massive grocery shopping, this bag won’t let you down.

Despite being strong, canvas bags are super light.

You won’t be overburdened by the weight of carrying them around.

2. Canvas Bags are Durable and Reusable

From their strength, you can enjoy their durability.

Canvas cabs can serve you for years and you can reuse them for long.

The fabric does not wear or tear easily like plastic bags.

All you need is to keep the bag safely and it will serve you for long.

3.Canvas bags are easy to maintain

Canvas bags

As we have said, canvas bags are reusable.

But, what does it take to maintain these bags?

You don’t need any budget or observe some strict procedures to maintain canvas bags.

First, they are easily washable.

You don’t need some special detergents to maintain the cleanliness of canvas bags.

Given that they are resistant to heat, you don’t need some special storage room.

However, don’t expose the bag to excess heat as it can damage its structure.

4. Canvas is environment-friendly

Canvas bags are categorized as eco-friendly bags.

They are made of cotton which is biodegradable.

The process of manufacturing canvas bags does not have detrimental effects on the environment.

Also, the bags can be reused hence minimizing the accumulation of waste.

5. Canvas bags are ideal for branding

Do you want to turn your blank canvas tote bags into something attractive?

Consider doing imprinting.

You can easily do so on the canvas bags.

They fully support imprinting.

The fabric is compatible with a wide range of ink.

Choosing Canvas Bags Manufacturer

All said and done, it is time to make a critical decision.

That is to choose a reliable canvas bags manufacturer in China.

It is an important step that deserves your full attention.

Choosing the wrong company can frustrate your purchase process.

A reliable manufacturer will ensure that you get quality bags.

So, spend your time to filter through different manufacturers until you end up with the right one.


In conclusion, you have all the reasons to buy canvas bags instead of any other bag.

We hope that this guide will help you to buy the best canvas bags

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