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Why are tote bags better than plastic bags?

Some tote bags are made from natural resources or require fewer amounts of petroleum to manufacture.

Choosing these materials is a better choice than plastic bags when it comes to picking an eco-friendly solution.

These are the materials that are the most eco-friendly.

How tote bags can protect the environment?

It contributes 46 percent less to global warming,

involves 70 percent less land and water acidification,

91 percent less surface and groundwater use and 62 percent less energy demand,

according to Textile Exchange’s life-cycle assessment.

Second, cotton totes usually have prints on them.


Calico Bags

Calico bags are made from 100% cotton, they are natural and environmentally friendly – they are durable, washable and reusable! 

We have a great range of Calico Bags including small to large drawstring calico bags, two handles calico bags as well as shoulder strap calico bags. 

They are all-natural colored calico cotton bags and are high-quality 120gsm with high denier. 

Our Calico bags are all cross-stitched on the inside seams too which means they are stronger than your average calico bag!

We can also get your very own printed Calico Bags!  

ETA is 2-3weeks, you will need to email your logo after placing your order.    

Please note any other items placed with your custom printed calico bags will be sent altogether once ready.  

If you require stock products sooner, please place these separately.   

What is calico used for?

You can use calico fabric to make clothing such as blouses, shirts, dresses, crafts, bedding, curtains, and aprons.

It is most commonly used to make a lot of the drawstring shopping bags, Calico shopping bags, and tote bags that we use for carrying our things.

Why else should you choose calico for your bags?

Offering many benefits, calico is an environmentally friendly and durable material that is strong enough for a range of purposes.

 It’s easily washable and a great material that makes any printed designs stand out.

 If you want your bag to be colored, calico can also be dyed to match your preference. 

What purpose are wholesale calico bags suitable for?

Calico bags are a great alternative to plastic bags for shopping, groceries, books, laptops, and a general bag to carry belongings in.

Aside from being used in craft activities, there are many uses for calico bags such as personalizing for parties, trade shows, building brand awareness, and more.

 Calico bags also make a great promotional product by circulating a brand’s logo or slogan which helps gain more recalls and impressions.

Why is calico so eco-friendly?

Calico is eco-friendly because it doesn’t require much processing to manufacture, making it one of the most environmentally sound bag materials.

 When used to manufacture bags, calico is tough and can carry anything, making it a great reusable and durable material alternative to plastic.

Due to the 100% cotton structure, calico is completely biodegradable and great for helping the planet.

Is calico fabric good for tote bags?

They make a great long-lasting tote and carry bags, 

but also make great fabric for grocery bags, beach bags, and much more.

 Canvas is a beautiful plain-woven fabric.

It was traditionally made from hemp but is now most commonly made from cotton.