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 the Best Tote Bags

the Best Tote Bags


Where Can I Buy the Best Tote Bags?

In modern days, it is important to have a tote bag. Better still if you have different tote bags for different Occasions. Women’s tote bags are perfect alternatives for regular handbags. They are stylish and spacious compared to other bags.

Tote bags are available in different sizes, designs, shapes and material/fabric. They can be carried on any occasion.

Chapter 1: Why You Need to Buy a Tote Bag

In most cases, tote bags do not have fasteners. They have sturdy straps of different lengths to fit the intended purpose. A single bag can be used for various purposes.
They serve as Fashion Accessories. Besides being functional, tote bags are very fashionable. You can choose some stylish leather tote bags or durable canvas tote bags for your everyday looks. Casual tote bags are available in different fabrics and styles to fit your adventurous tours. Tote bags can be decorated with various adornments, laces, and prints.
They are Large in size. Since their compartments are not cramped, they hold more items than other bags. It makes it easy for one to organize their stuff well and fit as much as they wish to carry.
They are versatile. One bag can be used as a shopping bag, beach bag, work bag, school or college bag, baby bag, laptop bag, gym bag or any other use that may cross your mind. You just need to select a stylish, high-quality bag that can withstand stress.
They are Durable. Tote bag designers choose the best qualities to make totes. This ensured that the bag lasts long.
They are Re-usable and Eco-friendly. With the world going green, reusable bags have become a daily need. Since you can use the tote bag over and over, it helps in keeping the environment litter free.
They store emergency supplies in the car. Large tote bags can be used to stock some basic items in your car. These items can be used during emergencies such as accidents, unpredictable weather conditions or punctured tires in the middle of nowhere.
Perfect gift item. Are you puzzled on what you should buy for your bestie’s birthday? Surprise her with a black leather tote bag. Watch her jump with joy.

Chapter 2: How to Choose the Right Size of Tote Bag

color- tote bag

color tote bag

Tote bags come in different sizes. Mini totes are anything smaller than 6 inches in width. Small tote bags are 6-12 inches in width. Medium tote bags have a width of 12-14 inches.

The width of large bags ranges from 14-26 inches. Any other bag wider than 16 inches is considered a jumbo tote bag. Each size of a tote.

However, the average size if a tote bag in cm is 38cm wide by 41cm deep.

The choice of each size will depend on the following;

• Purpose
The fundamental question you should ask yourself is what you intend to do with the bag. As much as tote bags are versatile, you cannot have just one bag for all your purposes. It is important to have separate bags for traveling and groceries. Similarly, you cannot carry a beach tote to the office. Therefore, you should choose tote bags according to purpose as follows;
 Choose an office tote according to the working tools and documents you need to carry on a daily basis. It should not be too small to crumble the documents or too big that it seems empty. In most occasions, medium sized tote bags are perfect for official purposed
 A shopping tote should correspond to the size of shopping you usually do. Large and jumbo canvas tote bags are considered for shopping purposes.
 If you are always on the go, jumbo totes are perfect for you. They will give enough room to carry all you need during your travel.
 Medium totes are perfect for casual outings such as beach tour, picnics, and overnight parties
 Small and tiny tot purses are used to carry small personal essentials such as phones, handkerchiefs, lipsticks, and other small stuff.

• Body Shape
The size of your body should determine the size of the tote bag you carry. A tiny person will look awkward and overburdened by a jumbo tote bag. On the other hand, a huge person carrying a small tote will look like they are holding it for their kid.

• Occasion
Based on occasions you intend to use the tote bag, the size will vary. You do not need a medium or large tote when going for a dinner date. A tote purse would be enough. Similarly, a small tote will not be sufficient for a whole week’s groceries.

beautiful tote bag

beautiful tote bag

Chapter 3: Are Tote Bags Expensive?

custom design tote bag

custom design tote bag

Tote bags are quite affordable. Especially when they are made from readily available materials.

However, designer tote bags vary in prices depending on the material used. Canvas tote bags will be cheaper compared with leather tote bags.

Crocodile leather is one of the most expensive leather used to make tote bags. In many occasions, tote bags for women are adorned by precious stones hence escalating their prices.

Tote bags for school are usually made from canvas which is affordable.
The size of the tote bag will also determine the price.

The Most Popular Tote Bag Brands

• The Newway Bag brand is known for its elegant and durable tote bags. The Day Market Tote is one of the tote designs by Newway. They have other varieties such as the formed bag which is good for carrying laptops
• Steve Madden Trevor are producers of high-quality leather totes. Their bags come with a small pouch to keep your essentials.
• L.L. Bean brand is known for producing quality casual totes. Katahdin Everyday Lightweight tote is just one of their bags in store. They have a range of other elegant tote bags you can choose from.
• Tory Burch McGraw is known for its elegant laptop totes. They are relatively expensive but of very high quality.
• Cuyana classic produces a wide range of tote bags. The bags come in different colors and sizes. They are made of the finest leather. With Cuyana, quality is guaranteed.


quality tote bags

quality tote bags

In conclusion, I hope that now you know where to buy the best tote bags.
Take your time to compare what different tote bag manufacturers are selling then choose the one that you want.

You should also take your time to read different tote bags reviews so that you compare their quality and price.