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Nowadays, carrying a bag becomes more and more convenience for people who are going outside. Because of that, choosing a suitable bag is an important topic currently.

Canvas bags, as a kind of common bag, are usually seen in the streets. They have a high level of acceptance among people of all ages and social

Both young and old groups can find a Canvas bag in their preference.

Custom Canvas Tote Bag


What is Canvas bag?

Canvas bag represent a particular bag that is made of canvas fabric, which is often made of cotton, linen or a combination of two.

Canvas is a fabric with a long time history. Most of them at that time use canvas in tents. It is also used to make sails and materials for artists to draw.

Separating the types of canvas fabric by colors, there are plain canvas and dark canvas.

The most outstanding character of the canvas bags is the properly woven ways can gives them strength. Meaning that, compared to bags in other material such as plastic, they have more sturdiness.

Another property becomes the reason behind the popularity of canvas bag is they are environment friendly.

There are increasing people start to worry about our planet environment, a bag that can be reused and avoid hunting animals will gain a great popularity.

Different types of canvas bags make they can be used for various purposes not only for individual but also business purposes.

What makes canvas bags outstanding?

There are many properties that make canvas fabric an ideal raw material for making bags.

Here, there are three main point related to canvas fabric.

– First of all, since the canvas is a plain-woven fabric, the strength and sturdiness that it provides is incomparable to other common materials.

Canvas textile is strong and has a high degree of tenacity. This also laid the foundation of its flexibility.

Canvas fabric is not easily deformed, which means canvas fabric can recover fast after being stretched.

In addition, a high quality canvas bag does last a long time life. Normally, on average a canvas bag’s life duration is one year if it would carry heavy stuff frequently.

On the other hand, lighter items it carries, longer life span it may has.

In the meantime, canvas bags require less maintenance. They are easy to launder in the washing machine.

Additionally, some dust can also be wiped by a bristle brush.

– Secondly, because of its special material, canvas fabric has a low level of reaction to the environment especially temperatures.

This kind of fabric takes a long time to absorb heat and rarely influenced by high or very low temperatures.

– Finally, canvas fabric is a relatively stable material, which also has a low reaction to chemicals.

More specifically, canvas does not bleach. So for the fabrics themselves, they are never faded.

With these properties, canvas fabric becomes special and perfect to make bags.

People can also predict the behavior of canvas bags according to those properties.

Moreover, canvas fabric can also improve certain features by doing some modifications or treatments, such as waterproof.

Various types of canvas bags

Not all the canvas bags are the same.

Different types of canvas bags can be illustrated by different using purposes. Therefore, knowing what do you need the canvas bags for before purchasing is quite important.

There are several types canvas bags offering you to choose.

-Canvas shopping bags
-Canvas tote bags
-Canvas grocery bags
-Canvas messenger bags
-Canvas beach bags
-Canvas school bags
-Canvas drawstring bags
-Canvas diaper bags
-Canvas laundry bags
-Jute burlap bags

Obviously, they are used for different occasions.

You have many choices that can be chosen, so just pick the most suitable one for yourself.

If you are a person who enjoys shopping, then many kinds of shopping bags are waiting for you to choose.

If you are still a high school or university student or even tutor, then canvas school bags are perfect for you to carry your things for daily uses.

It can fit in your laptop, notebooks, books and so on.

Beside the basic style of the canvas bags, customers can also customize their own bags to make it look more personally and ideal for some special uses such as business promotion and advertising.

Compared to the normal plastic, canvas gives more quality and allows you to have your own logo on the bags by printing or embroidering.

The price of the canvas bags

As a customer, they would normally pay more attention to the prices. Of course, purchasing the canvas bags is not an exception.

The price of canvas bags may vary according to the thickness, size, design and style.

Generally speaking, canvas bags with printing and decorations may more expensive than plain canvas bags.

With increasing the sickness of canvas materials, the price will slightly increase as well.

Normally, the sickness can be 4 oz to even 20 oz, but 16 oz is usually the sickest one that the manufacturers may produce.

If you were wondering what would be the best sickness or size, the answer would be depending on the purpose of your bags.

If you have more questions related to this, welcome to contact one of our consults.

All in all, different manufacturer would have different price associated with its quality.

How to care your canvas bags

Although canvas tote bags do not need to pay much attention to maintain, in order to keep it looks as best as possible, those bags still need a proper method to care.

Specifically, every bag should be treated differently when it comes to washing.

The washing instructions would be on the tag of every canvas bag.

In general, those that personalized tote bags such as those have embroidery, prints and some other fancy decorations should be washed by hand.

A little bit detergent would be enough to wipe the most spots or dust and sometimes a toothbrush can help a lot.

When you finish your washing, just simple lay it flat or hang it up until it is dry.

Using dryer may not be a good idea because it may fade the images on top of tote bags.

Sometimes it would save many efforts if the bags were waterproof.

Some tote bags do come with this feature, however you can also make your regular canvas tote bag waterproof by yourself.

If you want to learn more about this, please refers to Blog “How to maintain your tote bags”.



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